Stocking East Verde River with Trout

2015 Trout Stocking Schedule updated

If you like Fishing for Trout on the East Verde River Arizona Fish and Game has updated thier 2015 Trout Stocking Schedule for the State.  HERE IS THE DIRECT LINK.

When you open the PDF file you will see a list of river and lake names. If you click on the name they will show you a general google map of the areas they tend to stock.  The map does not tell you when the location is planned for stocking according to the date on the PDF file. It only is a reference to their stocking location. But the map can still be a help for your fishing plans.  Be safe, have fun and make sure you have your fishing lience which can be purchased online now. Thanks.

*Visit the Arzona Fish and Game website here:

*Watch these guys fish the lower East Verde River.

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