Shain & Debbie on the Rim

Here we are on FR300 near Woods Canyon Lake.

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Debbie & Shain fell in love with each other at the cabin. Shain's grandparents built the cabin just next door and met Debbie there in early 2012.  On March 7th of 2015 Debbie and Shain got married at the cabin with only close relatives and a couple friends. We hosted a potluck style wedding and with the river running in the background it was such a wonderful and surreal time for them.

The cabin is a very special place for Debbie and Shain.  They now live at the Cabin and Shain works in Payson full time. Debbie works at home from the cabin.    Debbie currently works with University of Phoenix and ASU. Shain works for Anderson Merchandizers. Currently they are spending time cleaning and repairing and recently just finished a complete remodel on an apartment they also rent out to couples.

They own property in San Diego they rent out.  They are really not sure were they will settle, if at all. But the EVRC is such a special place for them you will be able to find them there from time to time as weekenders themselves. Thanks for visiting.

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