East Verde River 2019 Trout Stock Schedule

I really enjoy that it is the season again! The new Fishing report from AZ game and Fish is here and it is updated! This page has included both the stocking schedule and stocking Map from Fish & Game for the East Verde River.

Please know that many areas along the east verde river have low lying trees and also many types of animals also rely on the river and its ecosystem to hunt for food themselves. So please take time and caution when fishing and traveling along the river banks.  You must also be mindful of others in the area, private homes and do not throw anything in the east verde river, especially trash.

Some time ago the forest department placed a camping ban along the upper river. You must not camp with in a 400 foot range of the river. This helps protect that area along the river for everyone to enjoy. You can Visit this link from the forest department about areas along the river that are closed to campers.

[pdfviewer width=”720px” height=”600px” beta=”true/false”]https://eastverderivercabin.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/1.3-Summer-Spring-Stocking-Calendar_-April22.pdf[/pdfviewer]

I remember fishing just outside the cabin for many years as a kid and catching the daily limit within 30 minutes. Using Velvetta cheese. My grandparents would make me clean them, but then they would cook them up for dinner and they where simple the best! The river is within 60 feet of our back door. Come put your fishing pole into the waters when you book a stay with us.

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