Best winter in many years!!

We had some of the most precipitation anywhere in the state this winter. (Read more here) All around Payson Winter has been really wonderful. I personally got stuck only once and we lost power  to the cabin only a couple times. In Whispering Pines we got nearly 33 inches of snow from just one snow fall over a two day period. It fill up all the lakes up here and now spring is upon us and we couldn’t be more happier. Here are just a few pictures of the snowfall over the winter. Please enjoy them and keep us in mind when looking for a spring, summer, or fall getaway for your family. This was definitely one of the best Payson Winter in a long time.

We had some fun sledding up on the neighbors drive way too and look forward to doing it again every year it snows here. The dogs really don’t like it but manage for sure and sometimes have fun.  I bought a good snow shovel called the Snow joe. It has a spring loaded second handle so it make lifting the snow and throwing it real easy. As we don’t have many level or flat surfaces to simple push the snow away. We have to scoop it away and this shovel makes the job very easy. But you got to shovel it as it falls and not let is melt and freeze.

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