2016 Game & Fish Stocking Schedule

So it looks like they have begun stocking parts of the East Verde River. I would image mostly south of Ellison Creek. the 4th, 10th, and the 18th have past. Tomorrow is the 25th and there will be another stocking according to this page. Click on the blue highlighted link of the river or lake […]

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Stocking East Verde River with Trout

2015 Trout Stocking Schedule updated

If you like Fishing for Trout on the East Verde River Arizona Fish and Game has updated thier 2015 Trout Stocking Schedule for the State.  HERE IS THE DIRECT LINK. When you open the PDF file you will see a list of river and lake names. If you click on the name they will show […]

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2014 Arizona Fish & Game Trout Stocking Schedule

The river has been runing strong since the end of May.  Trout Stocking begun on the East Verde River back in April 2014.  Here is the link to AZ Fish & Game Stocking Schedule for the east verde river and surrounding lakes and other rivers. This only applies to 2014 and you must scroll down […]

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