Diamond Point

Known the world over for it holding some of the prettiest Quartz Crystals to be found anywhere in the state. Known as Arizona Diamonds, these little gems are a clear as the finest glass and show real fine termination or growth habits. The area of Diamond Point “C” is closed to digging accept during a schedule time of the year. Please contact the Tonto Ranger Station in Payson for more details about the digging season. But float collecting is allow through out the year. Below the Map is an example of an Arizona Diamond. But please note, this was found near the hills the surround the cabin. As the host rock beds in which the crystals are found in, span anywhere along what is known as ‘The Little Diamond Rim” I wanted to note this location because Diamond Point is well publicized. However i have found these little gems within 100 feet of the cabin. Look close, they are everywhere!!! ‘B”

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