Verde Glenn & Other Fishing sites

Near the cabin (noted as “A”) there are a few good fishing spots. Because the Tonto Fish Hatchery does stock the East Verde River once a week(except during the month of August). You will find more fishing opportunities the more you explore the river. Here are three easy one.  “B” is known as the Third River crossing and is a Fee area. “C’ is known as the Second river crossing and is also a fee area. This means you must pay $6 per day to park here. You can obtain a yearly pass at the Houston Mesa Campground for only $15 and it covers all day use fee areas along the East Verde River.  Site “D'” is known as Verde Glenn and there is some nice camp spots here. I have personally fished with Great Herons here and had great success. Watch them big birds, they know were the fish are better than anyone person.