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The view into the inner Driveway

The view into the inner Driveway

Once you find Oak lane you quickly see our cabin in the pines. It has a brown fence

outer driveway

looking back to Bob place through front gate, can you see the Elk?

around the front yard, and the cabin is painted brown with yellow trim. There is a large gate leading into the inner driveway. You can open the gate and proceed to park one vehicle in the driveway, or park in the outer driveway which can park two vehicles.  You will notice several large Oak trees that inhibit large vehicles like campers or trailers into the inner Driveway, watch your mirrors when pulling in and i always suggest backing into the inner driveway so that is easy to pull out when you decide to leave. *Please note the gate may take a little finesse to open.

First you will notice after entering the property the large flagstone walk way and a large flagstone welcome stone from Debbie and I. You can see that flagstone in the photo above and in closer detail on the homepage slide show. You will notice right away if the wind is Front view of cabinblowing, the sound that can engulf you that is the Whispering Pines.

Looking to the right of the flagstone walkway a large yard full of very tall Pine trees, a few more Oak and some Apple Tree planted by the original owner back in the 70's.Oak Tree

I have more to write on the page but want to provide all the right photos.  So for now you will just have to watch this slide show; enjoy!