Water Flow on East Verde River ceased for season 2014

So, what a lot of folks don’t know is that the East Verde River is a pump flow controlled river as of the early 1980’s. This pump station control is located in the neighborhood of Washington Park. The main source of water comes from the old Blue Ridge Res, now called the C.C. Cragin Res.  Each year for the months of May through September the flow is turned on full time depending on the level of C.C. Cragin Res. This year the level of the reservoir from snow melt on the rim only reached 60%. So they have turned off the flow of the pump station and now the river is not running.  The East Verde River has several natural springs that also keep is flowing at certain areas along the river year round. Behind our cabin when they turn the pump station off, the river slow disappears.

Here is the press release from SRP is you are interested in knowing more about the East Verde River pump station, flow, and C.C. Cragin Reservoir.  Please know if you visit the area of Whispering Pines, there is still water running close by, so have fun, keep the area clean of trash, And share your adventures with others. Thank you


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